Inovi Business Voice Specials

Inovi Business Voice: a hassle-free cloud-based telephony system

Our Voice services are budget-friendly and offer a variety of features that will revolutionise the way you make, manage and receive business calls.

Enjoy crystal-clear call quality, unbeatable call-per-minute/call-per-second charges, and zero upfront costs. We also offer a complete cloud-based PBX system to bring your business into the technology age.

Inovi Business Voice

Complete Cloud PBX System

With Inovi’s comprehensive cloud PBX system – you can manage inbound and outbound calls, oversee staff and remote teams, monitor performance metrics and more.

Our intuitive, cloud-based interface and extensive suite of advanced features provides your business with the functionality of an on-site PBX at an affordable price and lower call charges, and with no need for expensive, cumbersome hardware.

You have call issues. We hear you loud and clear. And we’re here to ensure your clients and employees do too.

Why Inovi Business Voice?


High-definition voice quality
No more missed, dropped and garbled calls. No more static, echo or background noise. This is crystal-clear call clarity.


Centralised connectivity
Bring together multiple worksites and remote workers with a single, consolidated phone system.


Do business from anywhere
Take business calls and messages wherever you are with your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.


Multiple features
Customise your calls and respond when you’re ready with eight advanced features including Call Transfer, Auto Attendant (IVR), Call Queue and Call Recording.


Low cost
Cut company costs drastically with low call-per-minute/call-per-second charges, and zero upfront charges.


Zero hassle
A simple, easy-to-navigate, easy-to-install system using either your existing ISP or Inovi’s custom fibre internet solutions.

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  • Save up to 60% on your current voice spend.
  • Voice geo-redundancy to guarantee voice uptime.
  • Complete SLA
  • Interconnects with all major fixed line and mobile operators
  • Pay-per-use or voice bundles available.
  • No channel limitations
  • Compliance
  • Affordable
  • Tailored