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Hello, Today I am going to tell you all about Wifi Router.

After a hectic day of work, studies, or anything else. You decide to take a quick nap but right before it you just grab your phone and started enjoying the content on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The time we spend using these forms of information is endless, just 20 reels could take 20 minutes so easily you wouldn’t even realize unless and until you notice or see the time yourself.

Every of this enjoyment was possible just because of wifi router because it makes life a lot easier, and enjoyable & helps us to learn more and more newest of new things all around the globe with the help of the internet. And Wifi router acts as a path to reach the internet.

The Internet is a deep ocean of enormous knowledge, content & everything you need if used right. The Internet also helps us to connect with people living far across us in real time. Even the blog you are reading right now is with the help of the internet.

All of these is being loaded to our device with the help of the internet but due to signal, connectivity, network & affordability issues mobile data or you may call it network providers internet doesn’t seem enough for you to get the job done for longer hours because the data on mobile depletes very fast while it downloads plenty of things in the background even if you keep a check on it still many of the mobile data would be lost without a particular reason. In the form of background processing and whatnot.

So, you just switch up to Wifi which helps you with:-

  • Unlimited Data – You don’t have to care about how many GBs your plan is still left or whether your mobile network provider balance is depleting or not. You can see as many reels as you want without worrying about data. (Eventually, it depends on your Internet service provider plan which you choose for your wifi nowadays mostly all are unlimited.)
  • No Signal Lost – Unless mobile data where you have to rely on signal towers. With Wifi, you won’t see such an issue as long as you are near Wifi router and in the range of coverage area.
  • Connect many devices – Wifi routers are capable of providing connectivity to more than 20 devices simultaneously shared on a single internet plan. Without having any speed or bandwidth issues at all.
  • Affordable – If you have more than 2 devices it’s better to recharge one internet plan rather than all devices. So, Wifi helps you to rely upon on on and sustain one single internet service provider. Which can be shared on many devices using wifi.
  • Wireless – Wifi stands for Wireless Fidelity which directly states that you can even use the internet on your laptops and computers without LAN cables. As long your device supports Wireless routes as an option for connectivity.
  • Wifi Routers are Secure – Wifi routers use WPA2 password technology to protect and encrypt your password so no one can connect to your Wifi router and use your internet until the user gets the password.

These are some of the benefits of having a Wifi Router but before we begin I would like to share some history & advancements of this great invention with humanity.

In the late 1990s, IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) build the 802.11. Which forms the base for modern Wireless technologies.

So, to the 2000s the very first Wifi router emerged which offered 11mbps speed at that time using 802.11b.

Further versions such as 802.11a, 802.11g & 802.11n seem to come ahead in the evolution of technology. With each coming generation Speed, the Area of Coverage both were increasing a lot until the 802.11n arrived it took this to a whole new level with a speed of 600mbps in the year 2009.

The recent year 802.11ac standard was also called WIFI 5. Came to became prevalent. It offered more and more speed with increased area of coverage & distributing speeds to multiple devices at the same time.

As for modern standards, the 802.11ax which we call WIFI 6 is the latest. It had even greater speeds, improved range, better performance even with multiple devices & reduced latency for a flawless experience to the end users for a better service.

In recent times, more advancements were carried on to the Wireless Routers which eventually develops the Dual Band support (2.4Ghz for far ranges but slightly lesser speed 5Ghz for close range but unmatched speeds). This increased in number of antennas for more range. In addition to that the security upgrades on Wifi routers were also rapidly increased.

Mesh system was also introduced with Wifi all over the place which helps connects multiple nodes throughout the home or office wherever the Wireless routers are installed.

Modern routers consist of features such as game mode, parental control, and guest network or integrate it with smart home or smart appliances system easily with the help of easy UI/UX of the control panel of Wireless router management servers.

Today, Wifi 6 is upgraded to WIFI 6E, in the same way, more speed and reduced latency.

With all of this, it is clear that in the coming future Wireless Router technologies will increase more and more rapidly to provide a better experience for the users and cut-throat competition between the manufacturers of different brands of Wifi Routers.

But, all of this booming technology comes at a cost.

So, now let’s talk about disadvantages of Wireless network.

  • Limited range – The Wifi router might be very advanced but this is still an issue with the range they provide. It is not throughout the home. Some corners in the house might have the worst coverage too. All these issues increase with the walls or obstacles that come in between the wireless routes.
  • Interference – Wifi operates on unlicensed frequencies which makes it a mess when it interrupts with different routers TVs, Microwaves,,, etc. It affects signal quality drastically.
  • Security Risks – Even though manufacturers give their best shot at advancing the security of the Wifi routers. Hackers still find a sweet spot to attack on the wifi first which helps them to get direct access to users all files and information. But don’t worry just keep your wifi router’s firmware updated and keep changing passwords once in a while at least.
  • Network Congestion – In dense or congusted areas with many wifi it can reduce each others speed due to interrupting each others wire less frequencies.
  • Signal Loss due to obstacles – Walls, Doors, etc. Reduce your boosted signal which delivers you a lose signal with lack of speed and disconnecting issues. Metals objects tend to have a massive impact of signal blocking before reaching to the device so make sure none of metal object is near wifi or the area between the device and Wifi router.
  • Health Concern – Massive success in technology comes at a cost, The wire less connectivity is boon and bane to the humanity at same time. We all know how much easy our life gets with the help of Wifi. Here is the dark side, these type of devices expels radiation from itself which is very harmful for the humans. So, long term exposure to the Wifi’s may be a trouble for future.
  • Power Consumption – The more advanced and full of feature wifi it might be it is very likely to be the possibility that wifi could consuming a lot of electricity especially when connected to many devices it increases the consumption of electricity to provide users uninterrupted service
  • Relying on Power and Internet – If you have power outage in your area and you don’t have backup power supplies you might not be able to use wifi. Sometimes Internet service provider might have some fails or maintenance period in which you couldn’t use your wifi.
Router isometric icons set. Set of wifi router vector icons for web design. Isolated

So, these are some advantages and disadvantages of Wifi Router. Although it’s a great device which helps people in many respective fields. Such as schools for studying, Offices for work, Home for using it as both and even entertainment sometimes.

In today’s life Wifi is a crucial part for most of us, so it is also very necessary to know about such advancement in technology.

Some wifi offers a USB slot too which helps us to transfer data to many devices at once. Just plus the USB right behind the USB port in router and in devices networks folder you could find the data contained by USB.

Today Wifi routers are cheap from 1000 INR to all the 1 lakh INR and beyond there are enormous models fall into such categories.

For every type of user gets such type for wifi routers.

So, this is all hope you like my content please feel free to comment below. I would also like to know your location and plan you use for internet.

Share this information about Wifi Routers with your family, friends & relatives too.

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